Valley Storytellers Project Launches with Hunger Stories


In the winter of 2012, VSP worked in collaboration with Cornerstone Theater Company to host a Hunger Stories workshop and reading.

Project Description:

Everyone has a story to tell. This project invites anyone from the Central Valley of California to share memories, experiences, and tales about hunger. As a hub of food production, the Central Valley is a unique place to host this project. Often dubbed the “bread basket” of the United States, it is a place full of both of bounty and need. Storytelling gives audience to the textures and paradoxes of hunger in the Valley. Over the course of two days (four weeks apart) Central Valley community members will have the chance to come together and engage with theater practitioners and writers to create original 10 minute plays about hunger in the Valley.


What happened:

Storytellers gathered and shared memories and experiences with and about hunger in every definition possible: the things we hunger for, physical hunger, metaphoric hunger, feeding others, feeding ourselves. From the storytellers words, two plays emerged. One written by Cindy J. Thao and the other by Mai Der Vang and Anthony Cody. The original storytellers then gathered to read these new plays publicly to an audience of supporters and listeners.

Check out these radio stories about the project, from KQED / The California Report, a story by Jefferson Beavers and from KVPR / Valley Edition, a story by Joe Moore